‘I lit it and it went ‘boom!’: Limestone County woman shot in head by firework

WAAY 31 sat down with the woman who was injured and learned more about the freak accident.

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 4:48 PM
Updated: Jul 11, 2019 7:47 AM

We’re hearing from a Limestone County woman who’s recovering after being hit in the head with a firework on July 4th.

We want to warn you, the images in this article may be considered graphic by some people.

Pamela Perry shared the pictures with us. They show what her forehead looked like after being hit by a mortar-like firework.

WAAY 31 sat down with Perry and learned more about the freak accident.

“I didn’t even get any lights or sparkles," Pamela Perry chuckled.

Perry can now find humor in the accident that happened to her; but, for a while, she thought she was in a bad dream.

“There was no ‘ssssss.’ I lit it and it went ‘Boom!’”

That’s what Perry said happened on July 4th when the very first firework she lit blew up in her face.

Luckily, she lives right down the road from the East Limestone Volunteer Fire Department, and she told WAAY 31 she is grateful for how quickly first responders got there.

“The ambulance came and I heard them saying, ‘You can see the skull.’”

It’s something Perry says she never imagined.

“How can that happen? I’ve been shooting fireworks since I was five," she said.

Her injuries required emergency plastic surgery and stitches, but her recovery is going well.

“I thought it would be gone, that it was going to be a permanent hole."

Perry said the medical bills are the last thing she needed, as she currently doesn’t have an income; but she told WAAY 31 that’s the least of her worries—saying it’s a miracle she’s even alive, as it could’ve been so much worse.

“I could have lost my vision. I’d be blind with no eyeballs," she said. "I might be ugly from now on, but I can still see, hear, and talk.”

Now, after her unfortunate experience, Perry wants others to be more cautious when shooting fireworks in the future.

“You have your kids as far away as possible in case anything like this were to happen," she said.

If you would like to donate money to help Perry pay for her medical expenses, click here.

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