Town Creek residents want a solution for flooding

Only one storm drain is responsible for the draining the west side of Town Creek.

Posted: Jan 1, 2020 6:43 PM

With as much as 4 inches of rain possibly falling on Thursday, some residents in Town Creek are on edge.

That's because flooding on Sunday stranded people in their apartments, with fire departments rescuing several people by boat.

People are frustrated with the lack of rain drainage systems in their community and worried they are in for a repeat of Sunday.

And now -- you'll find corn husks and cobs laying around yards and the storm drain. This debris is responsible for much of the flooding.

"We can't keep going through this. We're getting older. We're not getting any younger and we would like to get some help down here," says Debora Brown.

One storm drain is responsible for clearing all the flood waters where the Browns live in Town Creek.

"There's only one (drain) in this area so unless all of the debris gets in it, there's nowhere for the water to go and it starts to back up and that's when it creates a problem," adds Debora.

That problem became a reality for the Browns on Sunday night when heavy rains flooded their yard.

"There was actually boats out here rescuing people from the apartment homes that's out behind us but we chose to stay here," she says.

Brown and her husband Cleveland having been living in their home for more than 25 years in Town Creek. They've even considered moving because of the flooding problem.

Now, the Browns are asking local lawmakers and the state for help.

"Better drainage...As you can tell there's nothing here that flooded us out besides corn cobs and stuff like that so it had to be coming from the fields," says Cleveland Brown.

It took close to 8 hours to clear off part of their property with the amount of corn husks and cobs that was pushed onto it from the flooding.

"I hope the city and state can give us some help. We need some help because flooding...It has occurred twice," he adds.

The mayor of Town Creek says they are looking for a solution to the flooding, but it's up to the Alabama Department of Transportation since this single drain runs under Highway 20.

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