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Tornado in Ardmore destroys family's house

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit parts of the Elkmont and Ardmore communities in Limestone County

Posted: Mar 20, 2018 6:09 PM
Updated: Mar 20, 2018 6:15 PM

The National Weather Service confirmed today a tornado hit parts of the Elkmont and Ardmore communities in Limestone County.

On Gatlin road, the strong wind from last night's storm ripped apart one house.

Parts of the house and items from inside are scattered across the road into the neighbor's yard.

"You think of this happening to someone else. But you don't think of it happening to your friends right around you," said Diane Pack.

Diane Pack couldn't believe what she was seeing. She watched the news Monday night and saw her close friend's storm battered house in Ardmore. Pack said it was frightening.

"All I could think of was to get in touch with them. I couldn't get in touch with them. So I stared texting, and saying are you okay? Are you okay? Finally they got back in touch with me," Pack said.

Pack told WAAY 31 when the friends noticed the storm was churning closer to Ardmore, they went to their neighbor's tornado shelter.

"That's probably what saved their lives. They had their grandchildren with them. They went to the shelter and came out and realized the damage, and knew then that they had made the right decision," Pack said.

Treasured keepsakes and other valuables are now destroyed. Only memories remain of what this home in Ardmore used to be. Pack didn't live here, but still she's heartsick.

She and her husband remolded the insight of it 4 years ago.

"Inside was like a brand new house. It's kind of hard to go in there and look at it because it took us about 4 months to do it. It's hard to look at everything we did,  it's gone and destroyed," Pack said.

Last night, other nearby neighbors were driving on Highway 251. The violent storm turned them around.

"There were garbage, debris, and limbs that were everywhere. That's when I decided to turn around and not drive into that," said Barbara Faulk.

In Elkmont, WAAY 31  caught up with those neighbors who are cleaning up the mess. They said the tornado felt like it lasted an eternity.

"By 6:15, we went to the storm house. Me and my family heard a loud roar. It didn't sound like a train. Sounded more like a jet plane to me," said Jamie Dawson.

Crews in Ardmore are working to remove whatever they can salvage from inside this house. They're working to do that any more rain gets here.

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