North Alabamians react to President Biden's gun control plans

Some are excited, and some are against it.

Posted: Apr 8, 2021 7:10 PM
Updated: Apr 8, 2021 7:50 PM

On Thursday, President Biden announced several executive actions to combat recent gun violence. Some of his plans include tightening regulations on so-called "ghost guns" and red flag laws.

You can't please everyone. So, on one side of the spectrum, people in favor of gun control are really happy about it. On the other side, people who are pro-gun feel this could lead to more infringements on their Second Amendment rights. 

“This is such a huge victory for the gun violence prevention movement," said Susan Kirkpatrick, the Huntsville leader for "Moms Demand Action."

Kirkpatrick said the president's executive action will have a major impact on the lives of citizens. The general manager of Bullet and Barrel, Louis Southard, agreed, but in a different way. 

“Gun regulations, more infringements on the Second Amendment, only impact one group of people, and that’s people who abide the law," said Southard. "If you are a criminal, if you are an evil-doer, you will find your tool, you will find your mechanism to cause harm.”

President Biden plans to fight the country's gun violence epidemic by tightening regulations on:

  • Ghost guns, which are bought online and built at home without a serial number.
  • Red flag laws, which allow law enforcement and families to ask a court to temporarily keep people in crisis from access to firearms.
  • Pistols with stabilizing braces, which make a pistol more like a rifle.

Kirkpatrick knows most gun owners are law-abiding citizens, but she says tightening these regulations will save lives. 

“Most gun owners are responsible gun owners, but what these measures do is help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals or people with dangerous histories,” she said. 

Southard said if people were breaking the law before, what's going to stop them from breaking it again?

"Unfortunately, criminals are criminals and they don’t care what laws you pass because, again, they’re criminals,” she said.

Both Kirkpatrick and Southard are in favor of the Second Amendment and think law-abiding citizens should have the right to own a gun. They hope law enforcement will be able to get weapons out of the hands of criminals.

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