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Marshall County recovering from tornado damage

Mount Olive Drive, Laura Mae Lane, and Section Line Road were some of the hardest hit areas.

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 7:15 PM
Updated: Apr 8, 2019 11:49 PM

In Albertville, one of the hardest hit areas was Mount Olive Drive.

One man, Pete Burdock, said the tornado literally lifted up his home, while he was inside.

Laura Mae Lane

Mount Olive Drive

Laura Mae Lane

Burdock said he was sleeping in his home with his dog when he heard the wind blowing. He said within minutes, he felt his mobile home shake back and forth. Then, he experienced the worst thing in his life for about 10 minutes, he said.

Burdock said the tornado lifted his mobile home about 10 feet off the ground. He said his car is ruined, his home has water damage and his roof has a large hole.

Some of his property also flew over into his neighbor's yard. Many people on Mount Olive Drive told WAAY 31 they're thankful to be alive.

Burdock said, because he was sleeping at the time, the storm caught him off guard.

"It was scary. It was just rain, then all of sudden the wind just started blowing. It wasn't like it was a silence and and a loud roaring noise or anything, it was just wind coming," said Burdock.

He said he is unsure of what he and his family will do Monday night since they can't stay in their home, but he is thankful to be alive and with only a few bruises.

The American Red Cross was out surveying the area, and they reported a total of 25 homes were impacted by the tornado and 5 were destroyed. They said this number could change as they continue to work through the area.

Laura Mae Lane in Marshall County is where we know one homeowner injured her leg, and downed trees are littering the neighborhood.

WAAY 31 spoke to one neighbor who said he's thankful to have such great friends as neighbors.

There are trees and debris everywhere on the street, but the people who live nearby said it's a working effort to keep everyone safe. Everyone was outside on Monday picking up tree branches or even getting their saws and cutting pieces of trees down.

Many peoples' homes have damage to their roofs and yards. There were even downed power lines from one house.

Everyone we spoke to seemed to be in high spirits, all because neighbors are helping neighbors.

"I mean, I had so much help, I didn't have time to get nervous to tell you the truth. But, I mean it's just one of those things that happened. I didn't even know this was supposed to come up last night," said Charlie Lacroy, who lives on Laura Mae Lane.

Lacroy said he is thankful no one was hurt too badly in this tornado.

Not far away on Section Line Road several homes were damaged. Herbert Beck was at work monday morning and his family was asleep in their beds when the tornado hit. It destroyed his garage and ripped the shingles off his roof.

As soon as it passed his wife called him to let him know everyone was safe and sound, but it was still incredibly scary, "The tornado had actually done hit before she even knew it was coming," said Beck.

Grady Frick lives across the road from Beck. He was just as shook from the storm, "I'll never forget the sound," said Frick. In his storm shelter he heard, "A real high pitched whine from the wind and all of a sudden it was gone," said Frick.

When the dust settled he saw roughly 30 trees uprooted on his property and one destroyed his garage, "We are very pleased we're still here," said Frick.

That's exactly how the Beck family felt, "I'm just thankful that everybody's okay," said Beck.

Now, these neighbors will focus on rebuilding. Frick said  he will work to plant trees, "Carry on from day to day and replace them as we go," and the Beck's will replace their garage and put a new roof on their home, "We can build back. That's no problem," said Beck.

The Beck family told WAAY 31 they are handling this situation well because they know what it takes to rebuild. During the historic tornado outbreak in April 2011 their garage was destroyed and their home was damaged, so they've learned to keep things in perspective and focus on the one thing that matters. Everyone in their family is okay.

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