Madison County parents react to district's partial reopening plan.

The district is set to send a full plan to parents on Monday.

Posted: Jul 10, 2020 6:41 PM
Updated: Jul 22, 2020 11:26 AM

If your kids go to Madison County Schools, you have 10 more days to decide between them taking traditional classes or virtual learning.

The school board released the deadline when it shared its plans to reopen in the fall.

WAAY 31 learned most parents are still on the fence about a decision, but are thankful the school district released something.

Many parents said they're happy the Madison County school district has a plan set in place and they're even trying to make sure students do have masks in every classroom.

They say they're just hopeful everyone will abide by the rules.

"It's still over a month away. A lot can change in that time... I'm still really stressed out just thinking about trying to make a decision," said Rosanna Mason, who has an elementary school-aged daughter who is eager to get back into the classroom.

Mason said she listened to the district's plans to reopen schools, virtually, Thursday evening and she said she's considering allowing her daughter to return.

Madison County has 3 levels schools can operate at, depending on how many cases they have.

Level one is for "minimal spread" of the virus.

It includes the option for students to wear masks and follow other guidelines, and class will be taught as normal online or in person.

"I wish that one of the options, even in phase 1, would have been their hybrid option, where they break the class in half and send them Monday and Thursday and then Wednesday and Friday," she said.

But those measures wouldn't go into effect until a school is in level 2.

That's the "moderate spread" option... which means number of cases or percentage of student of staff who's sick increases within the school.

But that doesn't sit well with other parents.

"The school can be a microcosm. There might not be anyone who's sick but the state numbers are still kind of going up and still an issue and its still a risk there," said Kenya Halliburton, who said she is planning on using the virtual learning option for her children.

She told us the increasing number of positive cases in the state makes her uneasy.

"In the fall you have the flu season and the natural progression of kids just being sick, period, and on top of that coronavirus" she said.

Both parents said it's a tough decision to make right now, and once they do decide on virtual or in-person classes, they can't change it until after the grading period ends.

"I mean I think a lot of parents aren't going to know so far in advance of school," said Mason.

Parents are supposed to receive more information from the district on Monday when they will send out a plan on reopening and a parent-student guide.

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