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Madison County man saves woman from fiery car wreck

The story of Miles Anderson saving the woman has been trending on social media.

Posted: Jan 6, 2018 8:00 PM

A Tennessee Valley hometown hero is going viral on local social media. 22-year-old Miles Anderson is getting credit for saving a woman from a fiery car crash in Meridianville.

The wreck happened on Anderson's front yard. He told WAAY 31 he normally would not have been at home. Instead, he would have just been getting off work at the time the wreck happened.

"That was really hard to deal with. I had to make a way. Because I couldn't sleep at night knowing that happened and I didn't do all I can do," said Miles Anderson.

Miles Anderson was taking the trash out Thursday evening, what seemed to be a normal night.

"By the time I reached for the door handle, she flipped once. The second flip came directly after," Anderson said.

By the time Anderson tried to call 911, the car caught fire.

"The sound of her begging for help, and me knowing at a point, I did not know how to help her," Anderson said.

It took Anderson only a few seconds to look around the car and figure out what to do.

"The door handles were broken and the windows were closed. I managed to get it down where I could slip her out the window before the fire got to her," Anderson said.

Anderson took the woman inside his home. By the time first responders arrived, the car was covered in flames.

"I would hate for someone to start the year without their mother, sister. I love my family and I'm sure they love her," Anderson said.

The woman had a few broken bones. However, she's recovering just fine. Anderson told WAAY 31, he's been in touch with the woman he saved and her family.

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