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Madison City Schools looks to improve safety in several ways

On top of more school resource officers the district also wants to make other changes.

Posted: May 18, 2018 10:56 PM
Updated: May 18, 2018 10:56 PM

Madison City Schools is raising money to hire more school resource officers.

The district told WAAY 31 they knew they needed the officers before the recent tragedy in Florida.

The shooting in Texas was just another reaffirmation the safety of students is incredibly important.

Right now, the district is still far away from their fundraising goal to put six new school resource officers in schools like they want to.

One parent in the district tells me the recent tragedies are on her mind every time her children go to school.

"It's frightening, you know? No parents wants to go there ever," said Robin Merrell.

We know the fire alarm was pulled during the shooting in Texas,  but we don't know who pulled it.

We also know the shooter from the Florida school shooting is accused of pulling the fire alarm to bring more students into harms way.

Madison City Schools told WAAY 31 they're working with the fire department to make sure that sort of thing can't happen in the district.

When WAAY 31 pressed them for details they would not go into specifics.

"We don't want the bad guys listening to everything we do for safety," said Superintendent Robby Parker.

Right now, the district is trying to raise roughly $750,000 for six new SRO's and more counselors, who have mental health training, by the start of next school year.

The district has only raised around $20,000 of that amount.

"I think that any funds we make, I think it needs to go straight to the schools to do this to prevent this. We need more counselors, we needs all hands on deck," said Merrell.

Everything doesn't fall on the shoulders of the district though.

"It starts at home and parents need to get their face out of their phones and get to parenting," said Merrell.

Six more school resource officers would bring the districts total up to 14, which is one for every school.

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