How to spot counterfeit money

Young said you can check for watermarks and magnetic strips which will be on real bills.

Posted: Sep 12, 2018 6:15 PM
Updated: Sep 12, 2018 6:46 PM

At 4 we told you about a high speed chase in Limestone County that led to the arrest of a man involved in a counterfeit money ring.

Benjamin Hill was arrested just before noon after leading deputies on a chase through Limestone and Madison counties.

Deputies believe Hill worked with Charles Anderson who was arrested on Monday on counterfeit charges. 

WAAY 31 learned how to tell if you've been given fake money.

"We can look at it. We've got a little machine that's not very high to buy and it'll show you the hologram and the lines in it where it's supposed to be," said Donna Ivey the Manager at Uncle Bud's Mini Mart.

That's just a couple of the ways Ivey and the staff at Uncle Bud's Mini Mart in Athens checks bills they receive to see if they're legit or counterfeit. Another way to check if money is real is to use a marker, but Ivey said you shouldn't rely on that method because counterfeiters are getting crafty.

"Because if they print real money over it, say like take a five and make it into or a dollar into a hundred, or something like that."

Stephen Young with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office said while it is possible for real money to be altered into another amount it's not a problem they're facing here.

"Even though they're pretty good copies they're still not able to do it right 100%"

So what are some other ways you can see if your bills are fake? Young said you can check for watermarks and magnetic strips which will be on real bills. He also said you can check the margins and serial numbers. Even with those tips businesses are still receiving fake cash and they said it's hurting their bottom line.

"It'll crush a business. That's like taking bad checks. That's why people don't take checks anymore because it's messed up businesses. People can't run off of bad checks. You can't run off of bad money," said Ivey.

Young said if you think you may have counterfeit money you should take it to your local authorities and file a report. 

Limestone County's Sheriff office is still searching for a third suspect they believe is involved in the counterfeit ring.

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