Flooding could cost farmers in Limestone Co.

WAAY 31 got a look at some of the flooded farmland and found out what it could mean for farmers financially.

Posted: Feb 27, 2019 7:56 PM

Local farmers could lose a lot of money after the amount of rain and flooding we’ve had.

Some Limestone County farmers told WAAY 31 their wheat and corn crops could be affected.

WAAY 31 got a look at some of the flooded farmland and found out what it could mean for farmers financially.

“Probably a quarter of a mile, we have about 70 acres of wheat that was looking really good. It was a little late, but we got it up," one farmer said.

That Limestone County farmer told WAAY 31 the recent flooding we’ve had could do some serious damage to the wheat he planted.

“As a farmer, we love water, but we like it in a timely manner," he said. "Water, I think, is the most powerful thing we have on Earth.”

While about 70 acres of his wheat is covered by that powerful water, the farmer says the flooding could also delay the planting of his other crops.

"We always plant corn around the 20th or 25th of March, and that’s just a few weeks away now," he said.

The farmer told WAAY 31 he’s also concerned about his irrigation systems that are currently under water.

“We don’t really know the magnitude of down time or things that have been broken or destroyed, because we know water and electricity don’t go hand-in-hand, and a lot of our systems have electronic computer boards that are completely submerged right now.”

But the farmer says he’s not going to waste time worrying.

“‘What can we do, Dad?’ I said, ‘We can’t do anything.’ We’ve just got to pray about it and just relax, because we cannot take the chance of having harm done to them or myself to go in and check the stuff we can’t do anything about," he said.

WAAY 31 spoke with another Limestone County farmer who said about 50% of his wheat has been compromised by the flooding, and his own corn-planting will also be delayed.

Both farmers told WAAY 31, it’s hard to tell, at this time, exactly how much money they could lose due to the flooding.

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