Card skimmer scams strike Huntsville

The Huntsville Police Department has seen a recent increase that gas buyers need to look out for.

Posted: May 7, 2018 10:44 PM

In the past week the Huntsville Police Department has seen a significant increase in the amount of card skimmers on gas pumps throughout the city.

There are two different kinds of skimmers you need to look out for.

The most common the police department is finding is one that attaches to the outside of the card reader on the pump. 

All you have to do is jiggle the reader before swiping your card to make sure there isn't one on your gas pump.

The other kind can be a little tougher to spot.

Zack Lindsay of Huntsville is surprised this is a growing problem in the area.

"I didn't really think that was a big thing around here," said Lindsay.

Even so, he always takes precautions with every card reader he encounters.

"If I'm pumping gas for instance I'll just go in and pay and make sure I'm using their card reader," said Lindsay.

He's so cautious, because of the damage someone could do if they got his card information.

"It would break me," said Lindsay.

HPD hasn't said which gas stations have been hit, because they don't want to negatively impact a stations business.

Another reason is because it can happen at any of them around town.

Muhammad Mossin owns a gas station in Huntsville.

His employees take their owns steps to make sure their pumps aren't compromised.

"We just keep watch. We have a camera system and we add more camera to the pump. We keep watch it," said Mossin.

HPD said some criminals put a skimmer on the inside.

To catch those look for a broken piece of inspection tape on the pump.

WAAY 31 asked roughly 20 gas customers if they think about skimmers when they fill up and nly a handful said they do.

Logan Edgecomb is one of those people, "I feel like not enough people think and check about things when they go about their daily activities and look. Most people are just in too big of a hurry just to look at things."

HPD told WAAY31 they are actively investigating to find the person, or people responsible.

In the mean time, they said its important for every gas buying customer to be aware.

If you find a skimmer they said to take it inside the convenience store and call police.

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