Campaign signs still up weeks after Jones vs. Moore election

Doug Jones voters say the signs are a symbol of their pride.

Posted: Dec 27, 2017 5:59 PM
Updated: Dec 27, 2017 6:33 PM

Signs of the politcal times. Voters cast ballots in Alabama's most recent election more than two weeks ago. Yet some campaign signs are still up.

And get this! Signs for the state's 2018 primaries are already popping up.

As a general rule, the Alabama Department of Transportation says political signs on city, county or state rights-of-way are illegal. They never should have gone up. On private property, though, it's up to the property owner.

You'd think the fire hydrant wearing a Santa hat would be the real stand out on one Huntsville street.

Instead, it's all these signs. One after another. Pratt Avenue might as well be Doug Jones Avenue.

"I live on a busy street," Karen Gauthier told WAAY 31 News. "And I was dying to get a sign out here and they were hard to come by."

Gauthier is proud Jones will be Alabama's next senator.

We pointed out, "The election was December 12th and your sign's still up." "Yeah," Gauthier told us. "In part, because I'm proud of what we did. In part, because it just became part of the landscape. It's kind of a groovy little design."

Gauthier admits she didn't think the Democrat would pull it off.

We asked, "So, you weren't necessarily jonsing for a Democrat?" "No, that's right," she said. "It was simply an opportunity to put a reasonable mind that we can be proud of and I think actually could make some progress."

Judge Roy Moore's quest to be senator may be no more. Off Highway 72 coming into Huntsville, though, we found a Moore campaign sign still standing. The sign is safely on private property.

But, it's a different story on University Drive: signs of elections future. A Twinkle Cavanaugh for Lt. Governor sign is nailed to a utility pole. Questionable placement at best.

Another Twinkle sign is a clear violation of Alabama Code 23-1-6. It's literally right in the middle of Madison Boulevard.

Back on Pratt Avenue, Karen Gauthier is happy the December 12th special election didn't bend to Alabama's political wind.

Her Doug Jones sign may be the political equivalent of spiking the football. "We did it!," Gauthier said. "We actually did it!"

We're sure there are more Roy Moore signs out there, too. We heard of a string of them at houses along Edgewater Drive in Madison. Today, when we checked, they were gone.

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