Bill could change the way states choose to legalize marijuana

The MORE Act is the first bill to pass in the House committee

Posted: Nov 22, 2019 7:19 PM

WAAY-31 spoke with one man who has been to jail before on a minor charge that was non-violent...

Just like if you were to be caught smoking weed.

If the MORE Act passes, it could change the life of many people in the state of Alabama.

"It's very important for a person to be able to advance, being able to basically be put back on the playing field... Equal playing with the rest of society," said Adrian Muller.

Adrian is the president of the Non-Violent Offenders Organization and knows all too well what one drug charge can do.

After serving time, it took Muller about five years and moving a thousand miles to get a fresh start.

He told us it’s the same story for people across the country. Putting your life back together after a conviction can seem close to impossible. And Muller wants to change that.

"What our saying is, the only time we look down on someone is when we're trying to give them a hand up," he said.

The federal government is now talking about removing marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances.

It would give states the power to create their own pot policies.

Muller thinks it would give tens of thousands of people a second chance at success.

"It is a non violent offense, so after a number of years, if they are putting their best foot forward, why not," said Muller.

We've reached out to several law enforcement agencies and the drug enforcement agency, but have gotten no response.

The MORE Act still needs to pass in the full House and the Senate before it can truly become a reality.

Muller told us the goal of his group is to help ex-cons with clothing, housing and food.

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