5 students arrested for involvement in brawl at Jemison High School

The fight happened on February 28th.

Posted: Mar 6, 2019 10:57 PM

Five students involved in the brawl at Jemison High School last Thursday were arrested. We know at least one of them had a stun gun used on them by a school resource officer. 

According to the Huntsville Police Department all of the students were under 19, so their booking information won't be shared, but we know their charges range from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest. Police told WAAY 31 the use of the stun gun on a student was necessary.

Richard Clement is a parent of two daughters in Huntsville City Schools. Watching a female student being taken to the ground with a stun gun is not easy for him, "Seeing that is extremely hard to watch," said Clement. He can see the perspective of the school resource officer though with it being a brawl in the lunch room, "Everything is split second, but you got to use good judgement. These are students still," said Clement.

In the video we cannot see what happened in the moments before the stun gun was used, bit looks like the officer was holding the female student from behind when he uses the stun gun on her. Police said one reason for using the stun gun is to help reduce injury if a person is struggling with an officer, "Sometimes those techniques could actually lead to more injury than the incapacitation that's caused by a taser," said Lt. Michael Johnson.

Another reason the stun gun was justified is because of the how many people were fighting, "Definitely this was a little bit rare and that could be one of the reasons why the officer chose to use the stun gun. Take the fight out of this one individual quickly and make a safe arrest and move on to the next one," said Lt. Johnson.

Clement still does not like using this level of force, "I don't agree with that," said Clement.

Several parents told WAAY 31 they don't have a problem with the stun gun being used, but they did not want to be interviewed.

Clement does not want to see this happen again in any Huntsville City School, "There's better ways to deal with it I think," said Clement.

The district told WAAY 31 they're still reviewing the video of the fight to determine what punishments the students involved will receive. According to their behavioral learning guide the students are facing a level 3 or level 4 response, which are the highest levels.

A level three response includes suspension and a restorative conference. A level four includes those as well, but it also includes the possibility of expulsion.

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